About Me

This is who I am as a photographer... my story behind the camera

I've been in love with photography since I was a teenager... however, 35 mm film was really expensive to a 14 year old. The digital world has reopened my passion for photography again. To me the camera is a tool, combine that with the input of light... stories can be told, and memories can be shared. I believe that no one can be an expert is every style of photography... however, I also believe that a true photographer shoots what they love.

Originally it was all about nature, landscapes and being outdoors, stopping or slowing time to "Open Light to a Photo." However, over time like all artists... I needed to expand, to grow and to challenge myself. Which brought me to live events, to music concerts, to fashion shows and other settings that required me to shoot on the fly. There is something magical about photographing someone in the middle of doing something they love; there is an expression of emotion that cannot be found anywhere else. Overall, this is just the start of my story... but the true story is in my subjects and my pictures. I hope that you enjoy them.